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Are you planning to begin a new relationship or, perhaps, you’d like to improve the one you’re in?
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This free questionnaire will open your eyes as to what your partner thinks, feels, and believes regarding work, home, children, honesty, faith, and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how he or she feels about other people, as well as your own relationship?

Are there clues that pop up now and again? Has a friend or relative told you to be careful? To find out before it’s too late? Are you a good match for each other? Click on the blue image (below) for your free 168-question, printable download. The questionnaire will instantly download to whatever location you use as your download folder. Alternatively, click on the download box at the bottom left of your screen and click “OPEN.”

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Why is this questionnaire so important? Here are two brief cases from my files.

Teresa’s Case 

Diane was a energetic young woman, intelligent, and exceptionally well-dressed. She worked for a title company. Still single at the age of 26, she said she’d been dating an engineer in the Bay Area. On the day she visited my office, it was easy to see that she’d been crying. She kept shaking her head saying, “I can’t believe he did this to me.”

This, as it turned out, was that he’d been cheating on her with her best friend. Worse, it had been going on for three years.

It quickly became clear that she’d been aware of his small, but disgusting behaviors before they became involved: he cussed out drivers, watch sports continually, and drink too much. She felt she could overcome it all, since they were so much in love.

Several long discussions later—and after filling out a detailed questionnaire, she realized it was time to move on. A few months later, I found a note under my office door stating, “I’m so lucky that you were able to help me get my head straight. Thank you more than I can say.” Signed, Teresa. She’d spent four years on a guy she believed to be the one.

That was back in 1985. Since then I’ve handed out copies of my Personality Questionnaire to hundreds of individuals and couples, seeking to know each other better. Many times, one or both parties had to make serious decisions about the future of their relationship. This questionnaire is free for the taking. Simple click on the big blue button above and, after the PDF is downloaded, print it. Be sure to follow the instructions.

Susan’s Case

At the age of eighteen, Susan was already into her second year of marriage. Her husband was twenty-four and an all-around nasty, arrogant individual.

Due to his behavior, Susan felt the urge to get away, but she had no idea how, or where she could go. Her mother lived out of State, and she didn’t know anyone else to whom she could turn. I suggested that she contact an elderly couple who might be able to help temporarily. With that, she opened up about her husband’s egregious behaviors.

He worked all day for his father, laying cement foundations for new homes. He refused to allow her to have a car, nor could she work outside his home (a trailer situated on his father’s property). When he got off work, he made her go with him to a market to buy steak. She said he would never eat leftovers of anything. He also chewed tobacco, then spit it on the floor and demanded that she clean it up!

Her only companion had been a puppy, given to them by her mother-in-law. Their Doberman had recently given birth. One Saturday, after a few bottles of beer and being upset about something on TV, he kicked the pup across the room, killing it.

On Monday morning, Susan walked three-miles to my office. It was just after he’d left for work. She took me up on the idea of living with the elderly couple. That lasted for one-week. For unknown reasons, she went back to live with the abuse. In the course of a hot argument, he shot her in the face, just below her left eye.

The rest is history. During her week of freedom, she had contacted her mother. She refused Susan’s pleas. She told her daughter that she was having too many problems with her current boyfriend to take on Susan’s as well.

My greatest wish is that women (especially) would use my Personality Questionnaire before they get into situations similar to Teresa’s and Susan’s. And, I am a strong believer that every female take a self-defense course before they reach the age of twenty.  

May God bless you and yours. Casino Danova

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