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Would you like to have the money to do what I’ve done?

At the age of 24, I knew I had to work for myself if I ever wanted to make enough money to enjoy life my way! Within 3-years, I was making $2,000 a month. That’s over $15,000 a month in 2020 dollars. I started a few businesses but, from the moment I began helping others as a professional hypnotherapist, I found my purpose in life. I conducted workshops for other therapists, as well as keeping an office of my own. With my eyesight failing, I had to give up flying, golfing, even sold my beautiful Cadillac. But, know this! I did it my way!

Now, if you’d like to enjoy the kind of lifestyle I had, take me up on my promise.
And, what is my promise?

Two questions first:

  1. Have you had a lot of life experiences from which you have learned about yourself?
  2. Do you love helping others achieve their goals?

If your answers are “yes” and “yes,” then I can teach you how to become a professional hypnotherapist. In this profession, you can work part-time, full-time, or 8-days a week! Your choice! Make as much or as little as you want. Click here to get all the answers to your questions. “I am Casino Danova, master teacher or hypnosis!”

But, first, I introduce my ever-present companion, Reilley.
You can’t help but smile if you click on Reilley’s picture to see her best friends.

Reilley is a golden retriever clickable image

“Hi! My name is Reilley”
My master’s name is Casino Danova and I’m a happy dog!

Everything in this site is specifically designed to improve your life. Here, you will find downloadable videos demonstrating how to induce a hypnotic trance, hypnotic recordings for weight loss, smoking cessation, and insomnia. As a leading instructor, Casino Danova also taught Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy for several years. The short video on Headache Relief using massage is a must in today’s world, where computer shoulders are everywhere.  

Here’s a short video clip of how to create Dental Anesthesia using hypnotic suggestions.