Casino Danova is an Author, Teacher, and Hypnotherapist workshop Instructor. He teaches his students to attain a level of competence rarely seen in the field of hypnosis. 

This is your site for superb Hypnotherapist training and Hypnosis information for beginners who are wondering if a career as a hypnotherapist is worth serious consideration.

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“Hi! My name is Reilley”
My master’s name is Casino Danova and I’m a happy dog!

Everything in this site is specifically designed to improve your life. Here, you will find downloadable videos demonstrating how to induce a hypnotic trance, hypnotic recordings for weight loss, smoking cessation, and insomnia. As a leading instructor, Casino Danova also taught Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy for several years. The short video on Headache Relief using massage is a must in today’s world, where computer shoulders are everywhere. Therefore, you will find two instructional videos concerning massage and are also downloadable. n addition, you will find books which this great teacher has written, covering all aspects of how you can become a professional Hypnotherapist.   

Books that will make you think.
CD’s to help overcome bad habits.
DVD’s to help you start a new career.
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I’ve resolved during my many years as a therapist and instructor!

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I posted a short video clip of how to create Dental Anesthesia using hypnotic suggestions