The Transformation of Kim

The Transformation of Kim

transformation of Kim imageHow Deep Hypnosis Transformed a Shy Teenager

In 2005 I was teaching a workshop in Clinical Hypnosis to a cozen licensed therapist in Ventura, California. A social worker said she’d been working with a 15-year-old girl who was excessively shy and quiet. She rarely spoke more than a word of two, which were all but inaudible. Additionally, she was unable to look anyone in the eye.

She appeared at the next class with her therapist, who stated that she was willing to volunteer as a demonstration subject for the attendees.

Due to her fear of being noticed by anyone, I induced her into a deep hypnotic trance with her back to the students. She proved to be a good subject and entered a deep trance within a few minutes. I spoke to her subconscious mind as I would a reasonable, mature and vivacious young woman. Post-hypnotic suggestions were given with the added statement that she would remember nothing I had told her—on a conscious level.

I then brought her back to full awareness of her surroundings. A month later, I asked my wife to send her therapist an email to see how Kim was doing, following the short session I had with her.

The following is an exact replica of the email which Donna received from Kim’s therapist, Janice:

Donna. She is doing great. I can’t believe the difference. She is making great eye contact with me and others. Her voice is a little louder and not so squeaky. She is using more than 3 words in a sentence. Other people and teens have commented and I have not told anyone (about the session).This is very exciting. Please thank your husband for me and from Kim’s parents. It was a great workshop. I just need to practice, practice, practice.

A few weeks later, Janice wrote:

Donna. I just talked to her last night and she was dressed up, looking a little older, taking more pride in herself and talking, talking and talking. She is still making great eye contact and her voice is becoming stronger each week. Her parents are spreading the word.  I am reading the manual (On Becoming A Professional Hypnotist). Also enjoying the emails from you because it’s helping me stay focused and work on my new-found skills. Thanks, Janice.

Can you do this?

Of course, you can. I’ve taught hundreds of people from all walks of life to become respected professional hypnotherapists. Please take a moment to read this page, then contact me if you would like me to bring my workshop to your locale. You do not need any degree. What counts most is your experiences and your desire to help others.

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