Stand Up America

Stand Up America!
Casino Danova, 6 April 2021

How sad that most people live their whole life in the ideological footsteps of their parents! One’s lifelong identity is closely based on what one sees and hears prior to age eighteen?

Of course, it’s natural to absorb a limited sense of do’s and do not’s from one’s primary caretakers, but to blindly repeat their mistakes demonstrates a visible lack of individualism, even of intellect.

I’m reminded of the woman who always cut a roast in half when baking. Asked why she did that, she replied, “because that’s what my mother did.” It turned out that her mother cut it because her oven was too small to cook it whole. A more glaring example is the child who becomes an alcoholic or drug addict because one or both parents were.

Shortly after I left home at age seventeen, I vowed that I’d never raise a child as I had been. In my youthful adventures around our nation, I discovered the true definition of freedom. Freedom is when you reach that point in life where you do or don’t do anything simply because your parents told you to do or not do it! When you find yourself doing something that you choose to do, it doesn’t matter whether it replicates a parent’s wishes.

Clearly, there are not enough unique decisions in the whole world wherein you never replicate a parental restriction. The point is, however, that you are the one making the choice to act. There is one caveat involved in achieving absolute freedom. You are free to do or don’t do whatever you like, as long as you hurt no one in the process. This leads to an unambiguous conclusion.

Looking at the world in the years of 2020-2021, we get a particularly clear image of how few in the masses are aware of what it’s like to be free. One timidly assumes that they have no voice in any of the matters at hand. Those who rely upon others to dictate their behaviors are, collectively, referred to as ‘sheep.’

With the advent of the so-called Corona Virus, those sheep immediately threw individual thought to the wind. Not unlike groupies at a revival meeting, they turn to political dictators for guidance. It matters not that they, themselves, are creating new rules as the game continues. It’s called TEGWAR (The Game Without Any Rules).

Once the rulers find, often to their surprise, that the masses are so easily led, tegwar becomes a game of “heads, I win – tails, you lose!” In fact, the party officials  even have a name for the little people, herd immunity. It’s a name, conjured up by power-brokers, laughing at the unspeakable stupidity of the little guy. So now, you are part of the herd! No more individuality. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be a member of the club?

How else could the populations of every country (above those in the very poorest locales) be brought to a stand-still? As scary as a tornado warning, all citizens have been ordered to stay home, to not interact with others! Stores, taverns, gyms, schools, libraries, conventions, and thousands of other businesses, large and small, are told they cannot be open for business. In issuing their orders, the politically powerful hide behind an arbitrary justice system whose authority is, without doubt, surreptitiously shrouded. This ‘new’ world-wide crisis has a name which few have, previously, every heard, pandemic. Pan, meaning ‘all;’ demic, meaning ‘the people.’  

Ordered to wear masks, the Sheep quickly succumb to their Masters. In turn, they become wretched deputies. At that point, the masked warriors feel an oblique sense of power, imagining themselves to be guardians of The Flock! The Master’s entire regimen is based on the known fact that most people cannot make clear decisions regarding their own freedom of choice. Hell, the political powers have gone so far as to ask those warriors to, “turn in a friend or neighbor who is violating the law.” What law? No law has been passed by any legislative body dictating that the masses wear face masks. When one resists, the faux-enforcer generally moves on to a more controllable subject. And, there is an abundance of them, all willing to be led.

This scenario reminds one of that submissive unknown who is instantly transformed into the Hulk, sitting behind the wheel of his car. Should any other driver dare step out of his car, Hulk’s new power melts, and he quickly drives off.

How little the herds know! First, there is no face mask that forces all inhalations to go directly through the mask. Near the ears and above the nose, there is sufficient room for air to flow in and out. Wearing said mask over a period of time, it accumulates moisture from one’s exhalations. This, in turn fills many of those little holes in the weave of the material. As that happens, one begins to inhale the, previously exhaled, moistened germs.

Second, the viral germ that is supposedly prevented from traveling through a mask, is much smaller than the oxygen particles you must inhale.

Third, and perhaps the most essential question of all: If one has received the anti-virus injection, what is the necessary for wearing a mask? Post-injection, one should not be able to spread the virus, or get it. Perhaps this question will remain unanswered.

Having been given the smallest degree of power over others, it is nearly impossible to quench one’s thirst for more. The political elite—governors, legislative bodies—have expressed surprise at the immediate surrender of so many of the governed. As days went by, they began to threaten all who did not obey. But, politicians never give up! Using their unexpected surge in absolute authority, they continue to hold the sheep hostage.

Though totally unverified, they promote the miraculous immunity which one will have once injected. Due to their own lack of intellectual research, few sheep will ever know that this wholly untested vaccine can alter their DNA, being the carrier of your genetic information. DNA is the primary ingredient of one’s chromosomes. And, that, dear readers, gives us our identity.

The promoters of said vaccine have no idea what they are doing to the family structure in the coming years. Or, worse, they more than likely do know! But, let’s assume that a woman aged twenty-two is injected with this amazing vaccine. Two years later, she gets pregnant. With that in mind, and remembering that this vaccine is untested, it remains a question as to whether her child will be deformed at birth.

Those of us who are old enough may recall the after-effects of a drug called Thalidomide. It was prescribed by physicians to, primarily, alleviate morning sickness. By the time that drug was pulled off the market in 1962, an inordinate number of babies were born with Downs Syndrome, or other major birth defects, such as shortened or non-existent arms and legs. Big pharma had to be forced to pull it off the market.

It is difficult to include my next statement in this writing. If you are planning to marry or get pregnant, are you willing to be a test subject for this so-called life-saving drug. There are, according to experts, no long-term evaluation to support the efficacy of the Covid Vaccine.

So there you have it! The sheep eagerly quench their thirst at a trough, watered by big pharma’s lobbyist’s. The masses get a potentially harmful drug they’ve been told they want. It’s no different than playing follow the leader on a moonless night, as you plunge over a cliff.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the laughter of the tycoons as they fully expect your ignorant submission. Vaccines for the masses, backed by just enough money in a stimulus check to force continued compliance! Can you think of a better method for destroying the nuclear family? But you don’t really care, do you? You can now go back to the ideological imitators on your favorite cartoon news station. Someone else will fix this!

A Shocking Last Word

The part of all this that is the most sickening, in re the shutting down of schools, businesses, parks, travel, churches, and so on, is that the police and military are the enforcers of this fake ‘pandemic.’ This is heartbreaking, because many of them are veterans who knelt by dying buddies as they fought  for our freedoms. How can they turn on America?

Yes, there are a few exceptions. Sheriffs and Police Chiefs who have the guts to stand alone if need be. Is it that the majority of these officers enjoy the additional powers granted by outlaw legislators? In unison, they could all say, “Hell, no! We love America!” God! The rush of making others comply to a politico’s outrageous schemes must be an adrenalin rush! There are far too many sheep, lacking the courage to STAND UP against tyranny! Damn all the traitors!          

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