This book is currently being reformatted and will be available in July, 2020. 


Love is a Verb@ bookThis is a short guide for men who want incredible romance and support from the loved one in his life. When a man treats a woman using the techniques revealed in this reflective romp through the feminine side of life, he will not be able to handle the love he will receive in return.

Based on the life of the author and the hard-won lessons he learned from the more than 20 unique women he dated, loved or married. This is a manual for guys who want to stand out from the crowd. To unrestrained each of the author’s list of 36 suggestions, one must practice them one at a time. With each little chore, even the most macho man will see significant change in his lover’s romantic pleasure and desire to be near.

And, if you are a woman trying to figure out how to improve HIS attitude, this guide-book is a  wonderful gift for every man, no matter how experienced he may be. It speaks to men in man-talk. This is a book to share with all your friends!