Healing With Hypnotherapy Textbook

New updated edition available in February 2020

Healing with Hypnotherapy textbook

The textbook that leaves all other training manuals in the dust! Taking the novice by the hand, the author leads his students step-by-step from basic through the advanced techniques of trance. 

Healing with Hypnotherapy begins with a detailed history of hypnotic trances, from ancient Egypt to modern times. Danova pragmatically guides the serious student of hypnosis through the entire process of becoming a professional hypnotherapist. From a lifetime as a professional therapist, Danova reveals how his experiences, trials, errors, and practical research led him to become a top workshop instructor in this exciting field. 

This training manual is packed with 35-years of private hypnotherapy sessions and the many workshops he conducted over the years. He provides explicit details on how the new hypnotherapist should set up his or her office, advertise, obtain referrals, and most of all, make a great income.

Rarely will one find a profession that is more emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding than the practice of hypnotherapy. It is the perfect career for those who love helping others resolve personal problems.

How-to-do-it subjects include: Pacing and Leading, Anchoring, numerous and unique Induction Techniques, Representational Systems (one’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic traits) to determine the proper induction method, and how the hypnotherapist can use the client’s own words to modify his or her behavior. An entire lesson is devoted to Danova’s remarkably successful Case Histories. This text also includes sample Therapy Scripts filled with ideas on exactly what words the therapist can use, and even how to say them.

Students who have attended the author’s intensive workshops found them to be a fascinating way to learn what hypnosis is capable of dong in the hands of a well-trained therapist.

Casino Danova can teach anyone to be a professional hypnotherapist within a short time. Those who practice what Danova teaches are amazed at how easy it is to learn hypnosis. They have become richly rewarded.

This 380-page text is  written in 8″ x 10″ format. It is truly a Career-Within-a-Book. Get your copy now. It makes a great, one-of-a-kind, Christmas, birthday, or New Year’s present for those seeking a profession they’ll love!

With so much pain and divisiveness everywhere you turn nowadays, the calming influence of an understanding hypnotherapist is more than needed–it’s becoming a must! ! No degree is required to be a professional hypnotherapist! The only requirement is one’s desire to help others, along with their positive life experiences. I.e.: have you learned from your mistakes? 

This textbook is a must read! Why not be your own boss from now on?

 An 85-minute video digital download, demonstrating six induction techniques is also available. Includes complete Age Regression and a Glove Anesthesia session. Here’s a short clip.


Still unsure if you can become a professional hypnotherapist? 

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