Eye Hath Not Seen: Excerpts


Kathy speaks of our pets in the spirit world!

“…yes, that was also one of my very first questions. Do you remember that beautiful Golden Retriever we had? She was such a happy dog. I, too, wanted to know if she was safe and if she was here.

“It was Rachel who told me that animals have spirits. It seemed so logical, since some are able to act and respond to commands. I figured that they must have some level of intellect. Even forest creatures are able to communicate with other animals. People may not understand them but other creatures do.

“Anyway, Rachel said that Smoky and all the animals which we fall in love with in mortality are in an animal kingdom very close to us. They remain there unless we make the decision to have them with us again. If we want them back, we can pick up right where we separated.

“Smoky used to spend so much time letting me know how much she loved me,” Kathy continued. “Remember how she’d curl up at my feet and keep my toes warm on those cold winter nights?”

“I loved that dog. She died so long ago. Have you heard anything about cats, horses, and other pets? Are they around, too? You know how Sandy loved horses.”

“Yes, darling, they’re all here. You know the interesting part of it all, is that they have the ability to interact with those who took care of them when they were alive. Horses, especially, are extremely proud animals. They love to serve their masters and they really enjoy being rubbed down. I always had a bit of fear around them but I think it might be safer now.

“Rachel said that many animals have above average spirits, just as people do. When we hear of dogs saving people from a fire or when they stay with a lost child, it’s because the dog’s spirit is being directed to do so from here.

“Their spirit is aware that they have a duty to perform and that they’re secretly doing Father’s work. When they feel loved, they can do extraordinary things. It gives me a warm feeling to know that all those who mourn the loss of a pet will eventually be reunited with them. I was so happy when I found that Smoky has never forgotten me. I’m going to see about bringing her home now that you are here.”

“You know, I’ve always felt that any dog that’s killed in action working to protect our soldiers, would get a warm reception here. I’m so glad to know that they are well received. I can’t wait to see our little four-legged girl again. Now, I’d better be going…”

Sam and Kathy observe spirits visiting Earth

“…would you like to see our next visit now,” he asked.

“Absolutely, Alex. It will be hard to top what we just saw,” I said.

“We’ll see,” he smiled, as he held our hands once again.

“Here we are, my friends. What we see here is a man who left mortality two years ago. He and his wife were married for fifty-nine years and were deeply in love the entire time. The best way to describe their love is that they admired and accepted each other as gifts from Father. She has been concerned lately about how he’s been doing without her help. She wonders if he’s happy or sad, if he’s warm or hungry. The womanly things, you know,” he smiled, glancing at Kathy.

“Oh, I know how she feels. I had the same concerns in reverse, while I was waiting for my sweetheart,” Kathy responded.

“Okay, let’s watch,” suggested Alex.

We were shielded from the husband’s awareness as we had been with Sarah. Alex acknowledged our presence with the man’s guide, exchanging smiles and waving. The thin veil slowly parted, as fog clearing before the sun’s rays. There, in a pink and white cotton dress, with miniature flowers on it, was his wife. She was sitting on a sofa with a magazine on her lap. Her eyes were focused on their wedding picture, sitting on a mantel across the room. She dabbed at a tear, slowly coursing its way down her left cheek.

As she sat there, the man she’d loved for so long slowly appeared before her eyes. She had to blink several times to clear her vision.

“Jim, is it really you? You’re here?”

“Yes, my love, it’s me. You’re just as pretty as you ever were. I came to let you know that I am waiting for you and that we’ll soon be together. You were such a wonderful wife and my love for you has only increased since we’ve been apart.”

With that, he moved toward her and, extending his hand, offered her help getting to her feet. She slowly reached up. Standing, he pulled her toward him, wrapping his arm around her waist and then took a step backward. She immediately followed his lead and, in the most private of moments, we silently watched a man dance with his lover.

It was over in a moment. He softly kissed her trembling lips and whispered I love you so much, Martha. They slowly separated.

“It will soon be your time to make the transition,” he told her. “I don’t know exactly when but I have been granted permission to be here with you. I will reach my hand back through the veil and there will be no fear or anticipation. It will be so easy. I’ll be near you always.”

He raised both of her hands to his cheeks, then kissed the palm of each. He stepped away and smiled. As he faded from her eyes, her smile broke into a muted laugh, then a scream of joy. She slowly retraced his steps, precisely where they had just danced.

I was afraid to look at Kathy,...

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