Stop Smoking Recording


Build a “Non Smoker” track in your subconscious mind!

Stop Smoking using hypnosis Recording imageIn this fascinating double-induction recording by a master instructor Casino Danova, he puts the listener into a deep trance, followed by suggestions which will burrow deep into your subconscious mind. His voice will remain in the back of your mind throughout the day, alleviating your desire to smoke. You may choose to quit ‘cold turkey’ or over a short period of time. Leaving the choice up to you, it allows you to become a non-smoker at your own pace.

Without question, everyone who smokes has heard about the health risks. Most smokers don’t care why they started or why they can’t quit now. All they want is to do it! Support from friends and loved ones might put small dents in the smoker’s armor, but that’s all it does—outside help has little effect. In many cases, their wants amplify your needs

Did you ever wonder why a pack contains 20 cigarettes? Its because tobacco company researchers know that it takes that many cigarettes to turn your new smoking behavior into a habit. And, getting rid of any drug is not easy. If you are truly serious about eliminating the use of cigarettes, then commit yourself to listening to this recording, daily, for 21 days. It will help you quit, and remain smoke-free.

Please Note: The author has taught Basic and Advanced levels of hypnosis for 35-years and has never seen anyone not come out of a hypnotic trance. Since the state of hypnosis is created by words, you are the one who puts yourself in as deep a trance as you’d like, and you can rouse yourself up at any time. For best results, get relaxed with few distractions and use stereo headphones.

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