Wouldn’t it be nice to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep?

overcome poor sleep habitsEach night, millions of people suffer from a severe lack of sleep. Not drifting down into deep sleep destroys both their personal and business performance. This Double-Induction CD will not only help you fall asleep quickly but help you get the sleep you must have.

The secret to alleviating insomnia with this recording is to use stereo headphones as you listen each night. Normally, it takes less than a week for sleep to come easily and deeply. Its unique double-induction method introduces a soft second voice in the background to reinforce thoughts of a profound sleep.

Please Note: The author as taught professional hypnosis for 35 years and has never seen anyone not come out of the hypnotic trance. You put yourself in as deep a trance as you’d like and you can rouse yourself at any time. For best results, use stereo headphones. This is a digital recording which will be downloaded to your computer.

Download your recording now.

Only $8.00

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