Lose weight CDI’m getting rid of this fat for good!

How many times have you made that promise? Yet, reality proves that few people keep to any diet for more than 2 weeks.

The primary reason most people fail at releasing excess body fat is because they are using an external solution (a rigid diet) to solve an internal (emotional) problem. External, in this case, being a conscious decision to modify a long-established subconscious habit.

Listening to this unique Double-Induction hypnotic recording will convince your subconscious mind that a healthy, slender body is more appealing than the bad feelings you get when you look in a mirror. Do you feel terrible as you wander around in the large-size clothing section.

This Weight Loss recording will help you release those excess pounds using your hidden intellect as your primary support system. You put on excess weight one-ounce at a time, so you must release it the same way. You must listen to this recording, daily, for at least three weeks. Use earphones and let it play as you wash dishes, wait for a friend, lounge on your deck. It will affect and motivate your inner mind! 

Please Note: The author as taught professional hypnosis for 35 years and has never seen anyone not come out of the hypnotic trance. You put yourself in as deep a trance as you’d like and you can rouse yourself at any time. For best results, use stereo headphones.

Download your recording now.

Only $8.00 

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