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Learn How Easily Trance Can Be Induced!


Hypnotic Inductions VideoFor more than thirty-five years, Casino Danova has taught professional counselors, dentists, law enforcement, teachers, and numerous truck drivers, secretaries and mechanics, the proper use of hypnotherapy. He demonstrates and observes each student until they get it right. You’ll marvel at his proven, refined, and  emphatically-smooth methods shown on this video. 

In the full session sections, your instructor covers a complete Age Regression taking a 70-year-old woman back to her early childhood. In the second, you’ll be amazed by a full Glove Anesthesia demonstration, teaching a 52-year-old woman how to make her hand numb and  then transfer it to her jaw.

These demos are remarkable in both their simplicity and clarity of language. No other video like this is available which demonstrates these easy-to-follow techniques. You’ll see how hypnosis can be so simple, so straightforward for both the professional, licensed counselor as well as the novice.

Anyone can learn how to hypnotize. It’s knowing what to do and say at that point that makes a great hypnotherapist. This unique video supplements the author’s training text, Healing with Hypnotherapy which you will find here.

This 85-minute video demonstrates 4 easy-to-follow hypnotic induction techniques. Additionally, you will view two complete deep-hypnotic sessions: One showing Age Regression, and one demonstrating Glove Anesthesia. Watch it, review it, do it! How easy is that!

For only $29.95 you can download the full training video to your device.

Here’s a short clip from this Hypnotic Inductions video

Only $29.95 to begin this rewarding new career!

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