Deep Tissue Swedish Massage Video

Swedish Massage DVDNothing makes a person feel better than a great deep-tissue massage. And, wouldn’t you like to give a professional massage?

You can learn to give a Deep-Tissue Swedish massage in the privacy of their own home. This is a complete massage video, demonstrating every stroke necessary to give the kind of massage people want.

Simply play the video and follow along, hand-over-hand, and stroke-for-stroke. The training is well presented, so you will not believe how easy it is to learn from a professional instructor. He began teaching in 1984, only recently retiring.

Many licensed massage therapists have used these pain-free, yet comfortably deep techniques on clients who can’t wait to come back for more. Some students have used this video to decide whether to continue with a serious education in the biology of massage. But, in any case, you will find these deep strokes beneficial for family and friends to enjoy. 

Some States may require licensing, so check your State’s requirements before deciding if you want to start a business with what you learn on this video. Instead, you may only want to learn massage for your family and other loved ones.

Besides teaching you how to give an awesome massage, this video also shows you what materials you will need, and how to get them inexpensively. A massage table, even a massage chair is always recommended because a bed is too soft, and gives under pressure.

Since nearly everyone wants a good massage, why not learn to do it right? If people know you can give a professional massage, they’ll want your hands on their aching muscles. And, if you get into the business, you can earn $60 – $85 for a one-hour session. This is a “no fooling around” video offering pure, clean instruction. Also, at the end of the video, you will find how to do pressure point massage.

If you would like to learn how to do only head, neck, and shoulder massage, you’ll find that digital download HERE!

Download your digital video now. Run time: 117-minutes

Only $35.00

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