Alleviate Headaches with Massage

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Massage Away Pain in Head, Neck & Shoulders

Alleviate headaches with massage IMAGEIn this Alleviate Headaches video, you will be focusing entirely on the muscles and pressure points in and around the neck, shoulders, and head. You’ll be able to follow along stroke-by-stroke as you learn each technique.

In today’s digital world, neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint. That pain is a result of sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen.

You’ll be one of your social group’s most desired persons! They’ll beg you, “ooh, can you put your hands on my shoulders and rub for a few seconds?”

Watch (in real-time) my easy-to-learn strokes as I teach on this video, and you will quickly become a master at alleviating shoulder and neck pain. And, by effectively using them on a loved one, friend, or one of your clients, they’ll ask, “when can I come back?”

Your instructor’s personal experience

Years ago, while traveling through Montana, I stopped at a gas station. The woman behind the counter looked as if she was in terrible pain. I asked if something was wrong. She revealed that she’d been suffering from a migraine headache for 3-days.  I told her that I taught massage therapy and asked if she would like me to use one of my massage techniques to get rid of it. She agreed.

How did I do it?

Using my unique ‘hand pressure points’ on her temples (and, saying the right words), I alleviated her migraine in less than five minutes! And now the best part; she was so grateful that she offered to buy my gas. I paid her anyway, but that’s indicative of the kind of response you’ll get when you offer the kind of massage I teach in my video!

This video demonstrates how to alleviate headaches using a few of the same techniques as you will find on my Deep Tissue Swedish Massage Video.

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