Stand Up America

Stand Up America! Casino Danova, 6 April 2021

How sad that most people live their whole life in the ideological footsteps of their parents! One’s lifelong identity is closely based on what one sees and hears prior to age eighteen?

Of course, it’s natural to absorb a limited sense of do’s and do […]

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Who Stole My Country?

WHO STOLE MY COUNTRY? Posted by Bob DeMotte in Canada Free Press

4 February 2013

For many adults, the pains of childhood create an impenetrably thick fog. I once felt that having an near-eidetic memory was a blessing. As the years have passed, however, it has become a curse.

One day, in […]



Jack rested quietly in his recliner. The December sunlight glistened off the night’s latest snowfall. The warm rays melted some of the snow that had built up on his roof. The sun was, ever so slowly, fading in the Western sky. It began as a slow stream of water, but, soon, each droplet took […]

The Truth Lies Here

THE TRUTH LIES HERE There are days when You just want to scream! This is one of them!

I’m just like most other human beings.

Never have I felt superior or inferior to anyone. I was born; lived a crappy life—more or less—until I reached the age of fifty-five. One day, I will die. My […]

My Father Is Dying

Holding elderly man's hand


A number of years ago, I was conducting a workshops in Ventura, CA. Jane, a sixty-four-year-old attendee, asked if I would go to a local nursing home where her father was now living. Upon arrival, we found him sitting in a wheelchair in the middle of the room. He was […]

Still In Vietnam

Still in Vietnam

Ed. Provo, UT. 1984

I watched as Ed pulled up on his Harley. He made the bike look like a small scooter, due to his enormous size. I was shocked to see that a petite woman was sitting behind him. He was an affable client, who followed directions easily. As soon […]

The Divorce Dilemma

The Divorce Dilemma Considering a Divorce? Consider Your Options!

It’s amazing that any marriage lasts more than ten years. There are, in my opinion, three reasons couples eventually divorce. First, the realization that two divergent, conflicting backgrounds, may be incompatible. Second, the educational differences are amplified over time. Third, the stone wall of pride, […]

Night Before Christmas Poem

Night Before Christmas What does the poem mean to children

Click on the large image to download the Poem, The Night Before Christmas. It explains the meanings of some of the words in the poem for little children. The original words are separated from the definitions if you do not need the explanation. […]