A Career as a Hypnotherapist



hypnosis career imageThis is my latest book. It contains over 35-years years of experience, and it took 4-years to write. A massive 8″ x 10″, 380 page of knowledge and techniques which few therapists have had access to in their counseling careers. 

Casino Danova teaches his 40-hour workshop in the proper use of hypnosis; how it’s induced and how to use it effectively once a client is in trance. He writes of using induction techniques which are uniquely suited for each person, rather than adapting the client to one or two styles of induction.

My training workshops will teach you the ethical uses of hypnotherapy for repairing and/or building positive connections in one’s internal language. Rare is the person who tells himself how great he or she is, as they go about their daily routine. Most of us live according to how significant others have labeled us.

As a well-trained hypnotherapist, you will help your clients develop a new pathway for suggestions of health, strength, freedom, assertion, and direction. How easy that is, once you accept the fact that we are all heavily influenced by words; and, hypnotic trance is nothing less than a series of suggestions which follow a specific matrix. 

Hypnotherapy training workshops include: 

  • 18 basic and advanced induction techniques
  • How to pace, then lead the client
  • Signs of hypnotic trance
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Levels of trance
  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic representational systems
  • Anchoring
  • Setting up and operating your own therapy business
  • Therapy scripts for weight, smoking, bed wetting, insomnia, exercise motivation, hypnotic childbirth, and more.

Every student’s question is answered to his or her satisfaction. Not only are the above techniques thoroughly explained, but the student has ample opportunity to practice under Casino’s watchful eye. No one ever leaves these workshops without knowing how to hypnotize every client who is motivated and seeks therapy.

Free materials include the training manual Healing with Hypnotherapy; an 85-minute Hypnotic Induction DVD, plus 5 hypnosis CD’s—a $175 value.

Tuition: $895.00

Pay in Installments
If you prefer, you can use PayPal’s 6-month, no-interest payment plan.
No sign-up or preregistration fees for any workshop.

All workshops are held on location; i.e. we come to you. Whenever we have a minimum of 8 students enrolled in one city, we schedule the workshop. Some of the places we have trained include Salt Lake City UT, Spokane WA, Ventura CA, Concord CA, Reno NV, Albuquerque NM, Provo UT, and Baton Rouge LA.

   For complete details, contact Casino for the next workshop in your area.