YOU ARE MY JURY! is a heart-wrenching book, detailing a grandfather’s 13-year struggle, striving to give his beloved grandson a normal childhood. From the months before his birth up to that fateful day in March of 2012, few people have done more and been rewarded less than this man.

As a reader, you get to decide the guilt or innocence of the antagonists.

Josh’s mother enjoyed four trips to prison; his father lived on Venus; his maternal grandmother abused him; and, his wicked step-mother consistently accused the boy of lying and sex abuse, all the while smothering him with endless punishment–both emotionally and physically.

If you are ever falsely accused of a crime, you’ll discover how Poppy turned the tables on his accusers.

This will help you recognize child, as well as elder, abuse before it happens in your family. Poppy’s Diary is a must read.


Available in September 2019 from Ingram or your local bookstore

ISBN #978-0-9724035-0-4