Lose Weight Fast CD




Lose weight CD

   The primary reason most people fail at losing excess fat is that they are using an external solution (a rigid diet) to solve an internal (emotional) problem. An external solution, in this case, is your conscious decision to modify a firmly embedded or internal subconscious behavior. 

   Listening to this unique Double-Induction hypnotic CD will convince your subconscious mind that a healthy, slender body is more appealing than the disgusting feeling you get each time you look in a mirror or find yourself in the large size section of a department store.

   This Weight Loss CD will help you release those excess pounds using your hidden intellect as your primary support system. You cannot become slim overnight; you put the weight on one pound at a time and it will have to come off one pound at a time. The messages on this recording will be your greatest support in your desire to become slender and attractive–to yourself and others.

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