Alleviate Headaches Massage DVD


Massage Away Pain in Head, Neck & Shoulders

Alleviate headaches DVDThis video demonstrates how to alleviate headaches using a few of the same techniques as you will find on my Deep Tissue Swedish Massage DVD. As with that video, you’ll be able to follow along stroke-by-stroke as you learn these techniques.

Nowadays, neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint, often brought about by sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen.

Learn the simple strokes demonstrated on this DVD and, once you’ve used them on a loved one, a friend or others, they’ll be begging for more.

A personal note: Years ago, while traveling through Montana, I stopped at a gas station. The woman behind the counter looked as if she was in terrible pain. Upon questioning, she revealed that she’d been suffering from a migraine headache for 3 days.  I asked if she would like me to try and get rid of it. She agreed. Using one of the techniques seen in this video, I alleviated that migraine in less than 5 minutes!

$28.85 (Run time: 35 minutes)

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